Software Development Services

All business activities and projects are treated individually which gives our Clients best quality guarantee.


Web design

We create fully responsive websites that display well in a standard browser as well as on tablets and mobile phones.


Databases design and development

Professional database support: MSSql, Oracle, MySql, FireBird, Sqlite.


Existing software development

Adding new features, correct errors, transfer existing code to other platforms.


Desktop applications creation

Creating software for Windows platforms. We cooperate with many programmers in Poland and abroad.


Applications for mobile devices

We create software for phones and tablets.

We created the portal dedicated for pet owners. It is a platform designed to meet other pet owners, communicate with them and initiate various forms of care for pets.

We used following technologies:

  • Back-end: .Net Core 3.0, SignalR
  • Front-end: React.js, Leaflet.
  • SQL: Postgresql, Entity Framework (Code First).
  • CSS: Bootstrap 4
  • Serwer: Ubuntu 18.04, TileServer GL Light, Nominatim


  • users cards presented on the map
  • friendly search engine
  • pet profiles
  • calendar option which you can share with your friends
  • online messenger
  • timeline showing current events
  • the possibility of inviting to a group of friends
  • authorization management
  • the possibility of concluding contracts between users (for the care of pets)


Product Development Database

The program is a extensive tool designed to create and register products and manage them optimally. An unquestionable benefit of the program is its integration with the machine manager GOLEM_MAS which allows effective production planning. Product Development Database is constantly developed by WebArgo - we are able to adjust the program to the individual needs of the Customer. The program can be improved with individual modules that will allow it to be integrated with the Client's programs. As a result, you will receive a flexible system completely adapted to your business. At any time, it is possible to complete the structure with additional functions.

demo version


  • Available languages: Polish, English, German, Bulgarian.
  • possibility to create products with their detailed description
  • there is a list of categories under each product that form a container for documents. The database allows any personalization of document categories (technical drawings, management documents, instructions, etc.)
  • allows you to follow at what stage of acceptance is each product, with gives You a possibility to control the progress of production preparation.
  • has a detailed search engine for products and documents (you can check, for example, to which products specific document is assigned to)
  • after each change in the database, an email is sent to the selected group of users
  • the program is integrated with the machine manager GOLEM_MES - based on the data entered into the Product Development Database, a product is created in the GOLEM_MES database
  • the program enables automatic loading and cleaning of the task queue in GOLEM_MES - presently the input file is ERP BaaN program format.
  • the program has a reporting platform, with can be adjusted to customer requirements.


Quality Control Cards

The program will be integrated with workstations on production. It will allow you to record the progress of production, confirm the control points required in the procedures, and to settle materials and production on the quality side. All steps that should be done will by presented for the user. Steps will be presented in the form of clearly written stages of production control. The user will confirm the execution of operations, which will be recorded in the system. This will allow you to perform analyzes in the future. We also plan to assign scanners to workstations, which will allow you to associate operations and users with a bar code. It will also allow you to control materials using bar codes from logistic labels. The program will generate a control card in pdf, excel format and reports required by Client. Quality Control Cards is currently at the design stage - we invite interested companies to participate in the project.


Internal Corrective Action Report

The program will be used to report all non-conformities that will be identified in the processes occurs in the factory. It will be the basis of non-conformity (description, place for planning corrective actions). The ICAR program will be used to analyze the root causes of non-conformities, which will help to prevent them in the future. The program will be also communication platform between the owners of non-conformities and the persons to whom corrective actions are directed.


  • registration of non-conformity
  • reviewing all non-conformities, filtering them (owner, place and other categories)
  • assign corrective / preventive actions to appropriate persons
  • review of all actions and the possibility to control status of their implementation
  • adding attachments associated with the non-conformity
  • adding notes during the non-conformity proces
  • generating ICAR non-conformity report in the excel, pdf format
  • generating reports required by the Client